Our company follows a fair business policy. We’re dedicated to delivering a product that aligns with industry standards and the specified deadline.
No, we do not compromise on established fabrication procedures, but we prioritize urgent projects based on circumstances.
Yes, tracking the process is available through email, phone, and periodic factory visits.
Yes, architects, interior designers, or industrial professionals guide us in bringing their vision to life through our products.
Yes, we currently have an office in Byculla, with factories in Byculla, Ghansoli, and Ahmedabad. We will soon open a display studio.
For product quality, we ensure that all materials meet the IS grade standards. As for durability, we select the appropriate materials and use industry-standard machinery.
Yes, our products comply with ISO 10721:1999 for steel structures fabrication, ISO 3834:2005 for quality requirements in fusion welding of metallic materials, and ISO/TR 10809:2009 for cast irons.
Yes, we specialize in customized designing and fabricating.
Yes, we can help, but in line with company policy, we don’t engage professional designers with their own visions.
The company specializes in custom fabrication designed by architects, interior designers, or industrial professionals.
The fabrication of custom items relies on design and fabrication methods, which encompass processes for shaping, cutting, or molding materials into finished items. Typical fabrication techniques encompass cutting, forming, punching, forging, and welding.
It depends on the product and its specifications. Some examples include powder coating, MRF PU coating, color, and P.V.D. coating.
Certain factors are beyond our control, such as changes in material type, thickness, and design specifications. Additionally, for site installation, extra components may be required for the product.
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